Serafico 200:

The right place to promote your Business

In the Italian capital, the most ambitious businesses find an ideal location at Serafico 200, the optimal solution for companies seeking efficiency, comfort and a modern edge.


A functional and prestigious architecture that optimises on its contemporary style, offering versatile solutions adaptable to any requirement. An immediately recognisable silhouette makes Serafico 200 the perfect place for businesses seeking high-profile solutions.

A strategic position in the heart of services

Serafico 200 is situated in one of the most strategic points of Rome, within the southern quadrant.


A lively zone benefiting from a wide array of services and in which many international companies have already chosen to open their Italian branches. The city and its central attractions are just a few kilometres away, the EUR district is even closer and there are excellent connections to Fiumicino Airport, facilitating travel.


Here, your business takes centre stage.

Where business

becomes contemporary

A fully renovated lobby welcomes guests, providing access to a ground floor plus eight floors above ground, for a total of over 8,000 sqm of office space.


Each floor features open and flexible areas that can be customised based on the various business requirements, with large windows that take advantage of natural light to make for a more pleasant work environment.


Accessible from Via del Serafico and Via del Tintoretto, the building has ample underground and above-ground parking. The architecture is completed by large green areas, making Serafico 200 the right place to revitalise your company.

Class A1/B – 360.71/400.21 KwH/sqm year

Indicative test layout, drawing not to scale

Technical specifications


Delivery in CAT A open-space:

  • installation of new emergency lighting fixtures in the central corridors;
  • installation of suspended ceilings in the central corridors;
  • new bathroom facilities;
  • electrical power supply system for the lighting fixtures, including the main distribution panel;
  • smoke detection and fire alarm system in open-space configuration;
  • raised floor;
  • painting in open-space configuration.




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